Risk Management Education Module

JLT Sport’s Online Risk Management Module is a requirement to access your club’s certificate of currency. It only takes a few minutes of your time and can be repeated by any committee or volunteer members and staff.

Completing the JLT Sport’s Online Risk Management Module will unlock your club’s Certificate of Currency.

  • Step 1: Select your State Association
  • Step 2: Type part of your club’s Club Name, then click Search
  • Step 3: Find your club’s name from the list that appears below
  • Step 4: Click on Please Complete, Repeat, or Download

Club Search



ONLY current affiliated clubs who have purchased general liability insurance through the National Insurance Program will appear in the Club selection above. If your club’s name does not appear, please contact your State Association to discuss your club’s current affiliation status.


Please direct all affiliation/membership enquiries to your State Association.

For general enquiries regarding insurance and the National Insurance Program (including Risk Protection) please contact JLT Sport on 1300 130 373.

Please note: JLT Sport does not administer club membership data or affiliation information.